Prairiestorm Paintball

Providing local entertainment for 17 years, Prairie Storm heads into 2021 with a whole new outlook on life. Paintball has traditionally been for the private group; the stag, the birthday party, the work outing. Now, in 2021 we are proud to offer a brand new map, a new experience, and a new way to play: Battlegrounds. 
Battlegrounds is a 20 acre map designed to host video-game paintball matches. Battlegrounds can be played privately and is available to any group, anytime. Most importantly though, Battlegrounds is our custom built event map. Every Saturday at 2pm we host one of 4 video game-style matches, including Hardpoint, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Battle Royale. 
Have an event or party coming up? We're here to help! Paintball is perfect for birthdays, wedding parties, work outings, and family fun. BOOK YOUR TIME AND BUY PACKAGES HERE
Here's what you need to know:
All of our playing fields are available to every group. Try them all or play your favourite maps as many times as you like. 
There are no time limits to our bookings. As long as you have paint you can keep going. Additional paint is available. 
Included with all rental packages is the mask and marker. Coveralls available for $3 and chest protectors for $3. 
Paintball for kids is totally a thing! We have pump action paintball for kids, ages 7-10. As well as air powered semi automatic paintball for kids, ages 9+. 
Regular paintball is for ages 11+. Parental discretion is advised. Many families are comfortable with younger ages joining in on regular paintball. 
Waivers must be signed by all participants on our Ipad in the main lobby. Minors can be signed for by an accompanying adult. Waivers are valid for 1 season. 
Memberships are valid for 1 season and are a great way to get involved. 
Any group playing has free access to our BBQ and picnic areas. We provide free propane. 
Paintball Maps:
Barnyard- Our centrepiece, Barnyard is a full-on battle!  Great for groups of any size.
Aftermath- Don't miss out on Aftermath. It's tricky angles are sure to keep you guessing. 
Hyperball- The symmetrical nature of hyperball allows for an athletic and competitive match every time. 
Battlegrounds- Our newest creation and crown jewel, Battlegrounds is a 20 acre map made up of a dozen medium sized maps. Join us Saturdays for our free-to-join events, or play Battlegrounds as a private group anytime it's open. 
Paintball Arcade- Shooting moving targets can be just as fun as the real thing. The Arcade is available to anyone, anytime. Splurge groups, parties, gauntlet running for bachelor parties, the Arcade is always a fun challenge.